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The The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia is a highly professional organisation and is a major provider of emergency aeromedical and primary health care services.

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Contract awarded for extra patient transfer hours 1 Reply

Started by Dan Boyd. Last reply by Susan Jamieson Oct 1, 2009.

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Comment by David Beale on January 31, 2011 at 1:46pm



Was a time I could've let you two have the rather special 850 Le Mans Eagle on the gauge Moto Guzzi factory racer and the Yammy FZ 750 five valve screamer fo' yo' ho'[ho ho] road trip.

But, sadly, I SOLD 'em.

Bad thing! [Laughter]

Comment by David Beale on January 31, 2011 at 6:22am

What's wrong with adrenaline, Jacki?

It's good stuff.

Dopamine's the nasty we're all craving for.

It's what adrenaline turns into, sort of.............

Or so some doctor or vet told me.


RFDS is a magic system, and the long distance diagnosis factor is a major part of their effectiveness.


The B A R

Comment by Jacki Mott on January 31, 2011 at 4:27am

Ah good Catey....I am relieved to hear it's not for you (adrenoline)....Can any us imagine you let loose on good drugs like that...your scaring me now...Stone the crows...

I know plenty who would not be here today without them (RFDS) and have always been amazed at how people have survived with the type of injuries you would think would kill them quick so they must also give really good on the phone support prior to their arrival, on top of the fact we have many clever and dedicated people living right in our communities. One I would like to mention is Annie Kidd in Windorah (dedicated local)...

Chrissy gifts are a great idea...

We used to keep our chest in the freezer room with all the freezers and great airconditioning so always kept nice and cool.


I have been here hiding concentrating on what has to be done to the monster (house). We have collected heaps of materials here onsite for the next big push....just need to save a bit to pay the builders now and it will be all go again....will be lots of me sort of jobs for me to get my teeth into really looking forward to that...


Comment by Jacki Mott on January 29, 2011 at 10:52pm


Cate..RFDS Emergency medical chests...They are great....used to have one at the oilfield when I was there.




Comment by David Beale on January 12, 2011 at 4:28pm

Greg, Had to go to Flight nursing/Think Nursing to get near the figures I was looking for: which are that RFDS Qld has eight bases and twelve aircraft. Specifics for a/craft re the RFDS base @ Charleville are not to hand [thru RFDS], but they do designate the area for which the R/H a/craft was used as being within their service area.

Unfortunately, @ Eromanga, the chances of "a doctor driving by" would have a high of roughly zero.

Jayrow are indeed a very major helo function, and the services provided in the CQ area are, @ the very least, exemplary, don't get me wrong on that.

Besides which, away back Mick Reynolds of Cap Helo Rescue was a mate and gave some intel as to requisites re necessary specs of pads, the one or twa' of which have come in handy wrt the odd bit of this, that, & the other re use wrt health @ times. Don't know if he's still there or not, I haven't talked with him for years.

And yes, I know by asking these questions I am possibly impacting pressure points on nerves, however I can bask in knowing there is nix official will be put out public as an explanation, and if what occurred is bureaucratic fubar we can look to something quite preisely similar to be occurrent futurely.

Greg, it's like AGW. Yeah! Only a problem if you're a believer, and can deny the facts.

Not IPCC/Pauchari SUPPOSED "facts".

The facts of documented, dispassionate, unbiased science

But gov't's, world bankers, third world countries snout hogging for the trough intendedly, and bureaucrats don' have a problem with that sort of thing, do they..............................................

Y' jus' make up the rules as ya goes along.

Comment by David Beale on January 12, 2011 at 2:06pm



Cate, you ever try divining for water?

You tapped Greg pretty well.

Almost Pavlovian, in actual.

Maybe you should.

But prob'ly you gotta have a licence for that, these days.

[Big Smiley]



Yeah, granted all of that detail.

But does this mean they get there faster?


The actual questions are:

1) How come a Rocky a/craft was used for the uplift in discussion?

2) Why did it take from afternoon of 21.12.10 when incident occurred to 0130hrs of 22/12/10 for uplift?

Outside the fact the victim is my cousin, this was a criticality.

Would YOU want to be left that long?

I'm damn sure I wouldn't, much as I'd probably not be aware of much outside of screaming blinding pain.

Or @ all?

That's all I have to say on it.

Comment by David Beale on January 12, 2011 at 12:40pm


Re the Rocky helo, got an idea Cap Rescue is the Curry-Kenny lot, but wouldn't ekshually SWEAR to that.

Comment by David Beale on January 12, 2011 at 5:36am


Ta, eh.

In today's parlance politically of either supposed "side", one has to wonder if there WILL be answers given, and such gaps as this has evidenced sutured and closed, or will we now "just move on"..........

Ancient and maudlinly rubbed bare by life experience, I personally suspect the likely will just be more of the same.

Most people are pushing an edge of "plus[ supposedly]" to their political agenda, and only the supposed "positives" to that agenda cop a medal.

Or a mention.

Sad point is that outside of parliament there are no political parties in this country, it's more "directed theatre in the rehearsed" for public consumption whilst the trough is gouged whatever way that's possible.

Expensive "airplanes", PT12's.

Good luck in any future needs all those within the area.



Comment by David Beale on January 11, 2011 at 7:48pm

What's up Cate?

Well, first, not having a go @ you, ok!

But, quite a bit actually, considering that this could have been any person in that RFDS service area.

First up, and as I said, not laying it on you, or asking you to give, provide, or dig up any or all of this detail, seems like there's just some sort of area and an approx eight hour gap somewhere in services..... ........ which would be explainable if funds were [as you queried as a maybe] pinched or short, and that perhaps that is the reason things there got to happen the manner they did.

And YES, I know it's closer when it's a relo and friend the incident involved. But Rocky?

The thing is one has to ask why was a patient in such critical condition not subject a much quicker aerial extraction, and from a base more proximate, and the question does - and not through you - require an answer.

That patient could have been so much as any person in that RFDS service area, and eight hours is a l-o-t of extra - possibly quite expirative -  time.


Don't think there's any further comments necessary.

Comment by David Beale on January 11, 2011 at 3:31pm


Yeah! I'm an [ex-] local as well, and damn near died @ BVI/YBDVas a result of a/craft mishap, although this was some years ago.

Not that there would have been a lot that could have been done outside "pick up the pieces" or "enjoy the barbeque" had we impacted, and nothing at all for the RFDS to do.

But it would have been nice, were that today, to know they might have got there in sufficient time to push us back up to the living HAD miracle in the impact occurred and one or both of us survived, as would have occurred with RFDS Charleville back then, even if it would have been a "screaming Queenie" they repatriated in.

[As an aside to which, Birdsville's water would have had an oily and high octane aviation fuel taste to it for @ least a while post-impact]

Cate, you might perhaps care to impart - for the benefit of readers of Group - the actuality OF a/craft numbers @ RFDS Charley -  CTL/YBCV -  base currently. and type.

Plus maybe frequency of services they actually do these days entertain.

AND what their funding is.

And, because it does seem to be an encroaching factor wrt services, service priority and triage factors determining uplift.

It also seems appropriate from what you say to ask if this incurred lag and delay regards the victim/patient mentioned is not currently unique of circumstance but something with which you are maybe familiar?


Answers, someone?


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Discussion Forum

Contract awarded for extra patient transfer hours 1 Reply

Started by Dan Boyd. Last reply by Susan Jamieson Oct 1, 2009.

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