Hello Everyone,
I have been trying to find a stockfeed grade form of phosphorus for our cattle without talking to the bank manger in advance. At the moment it seems that anyone wanting Phosphorus has to either buy a container load from China (not viable with our budget and storage options) or buy custom made supplements (loose mix and lick blocks). I mix my own loosemix and tailor make it to the animals metabolic status, species of animal and season. Im probably a minority in taking such a hands on approach to the animals nutrition but its cheaper for us to do this and caters to our stock in a more exact manner.

Kynophos is currently around $70/25kg bag (compared to $25 about 4 years ago) in the NT and since we use a reasonable amount, its not very economical. I have tried to find DiCalcium Phosphate (not Kynophos which is chemically DCP but more palatable) as a substitute as it is slightly cheaper and so far I am not having much luck unless I agree to buy a huge amount from China. Why is this? Surely we have phosphorus in Australia? Most of my local stock and station agents are having trouble finding any at a reasonable price or any in Australia for that matter.

We really can't function in the tropics without P suppliments as our soils are terribly deficient in many minerals. I think its ridiculas that this shortage has occurred with very limited warning. I am continuing my search for DCP and currently feeding out blocks which is not very economic and we still have to feed other supplements in separate bins so the stock get their minerals that are included in the blocks in sufficient quantities.

Has anyone got any ideas on solving this?

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Some info on phosphorus shortage


Also have you thought about forming a "cartel" to buy in bulk and then split it up?

Hi Dallas,
We managed to find a supply of Dicalcium Phosphate to tide us over but not without a painful search. We have thought about it but most people want to buy blocks as its easier to get around and they dont have a great understanding of livestock nutrition and so just take the easy option. Often the most expensive option too. thanks for your info though!



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