WWF to Tell Australian Cattlemen How to be “Sustainable”

The Queensland Country Life today carried a story entitled “WWF sinks hooks deeper into beef industry” by Brad Cooper which makes it beyond doubt that WWF is to project manage beef sustainability courses at the behest of Mc Donalds and with the full co-operation of CCA and MLA.

WWF, through their influence with the Greens in Queensland have been responsible for Vegetation Management laws implemented without ‘just terms’ and with no carbon credit for avoided deforestation. Those were stolen by the government to meet its Kyoto commitments.

An early task force reviewing damage to the Great Barrier Reef wanted to say that the reef was in good shape. However they bowed to the protests of the WWF representative and highlighted the small areas that appeared slightly damaged. WWF have claimed ever since that farming and grazing are damaging the reef in spite of lack of research and knowledge that urban centres are actually causing more alleged pollution.

All green groups have been involved in Wild Rivers legislations and declarations and possible World Heritage listing claiming on the one hand that the areas are either pristine or retaining most of their natural values and on the other denigrating the cattlemen who have lived there for more than 100 years for degrading the landscape and it therefore needs protection.

This legislation has put those graziers in a time warp whose effects will not be felt immediately but over time as it becomes impossible to adopt the results of modern research they will start to bite. One of the great lies told is that declaration will protect the areas from mining and CSG exploitation.

The greatest harm of all has been to our reputation, our self esteem and sense of worth that comes from knowing that you are doing a worthwhile job-feeding the people of the world.

WWF and others have taken the flawed findings of ‘Livestock’s Long Shadow” and publicised them to the point where vegetarian celebrities, authors, journalists, governments and research organisations including our own National Health and Medical Research Council have urged limited or zero meat intake on environmental grounds.

The upshot is that our credentials have been damaged as part of a campaign by environmentalists to discredit those of us who live by the land in order to set themselves up as the environmental gods and the only people deserving of dictating policy and receiving funding and even big business has fallen for the scam.

Be aware that when you respond to that beautifully worded invitation to an Ausgraze workshop your presenter will be in the employ of WWF and the “voluntary” course will soon become mandatory.

Have CCA and MLA let us down once again by not highlighting the science that is on our side instead of responding to the dark green Mob.




The table below is found at page two of the document, Naked extortion? Environmental NGOs imposing [in]voluntary regulations on consumers and business found at the IPA web site. To read the entire document click on this link.       


PRECEDING DISCUSSION - http://justgroundsonline.com/forum/topics/international-green-group...



Beef Central article, WWF: To engage or not to engage?



Follow up article by Brad Cooper published at farmonline, Sustainable beef plan under wraps




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No Ignorance at all.

He is on his own personnel crusade to fulfil his vision, looks just like the U.N/George Soros’s Agenda 21 one. He will mould & shape Australia until it fits this vision. No Government or Minister is allowed to stand in his way IMO.

He has been lobbying for the ETS/C02 tax & Environmental lockup of land & water for a very long time. I don’t think people or there property rate in his vision for Australia it’s all “The Commons”.

His army  has grown considerably since 2007 & his comment on War would be 100%. 

The States need to Stand there ground at COAG & be prepared to fight now! 


Joanne Rea said:


That just makes his stance even worse. He should know better.

He can't even plead ignorance.

Whether you love him, hate him or just watch him......Clive Palmer is no dummy. I for one got a laugh from his apparent ability to suck the "prune- faced" media into his CIA / Green  scenario.

Part of the ability to suceed in business is the culture of "risk taking". I would say the ability to laugh at ones mistakes and try again and again and again is also a helpful trait for success.

Watching this  Clive initiated comedy I have wondered two things:

1. Do the Greens fear a mining/farmer alliance above all other threats? Would Drew & co. engagement on the CSG issues be, amongst other considerations, pre-empting such alliances from being considered in any mining situation? If those sorts of alliances were formed, even on selected issues, they would be very powerful.

2. Would there be any primary producers willing to band together and threaten to sue WWF for the continual, apparently unscientific, claims of damage to the GBR? Any risk takers out there?

I also take heart after the Qld election result that any supposed growth in a green army is only an illusion created by active on line presence eg Getup and a compliant media. In Qld the sleeping majority have spoken and the green vote went down slightly.


You have made quite a few very strong points here in a relatively small package.

WWF stands accused in literally dozens of places in the world of having indigenous people removed from their traditional forest homelands and “resettled” in shanty towns with poor sanitation and poor food so that national parks and game parks can be established.

Wikipedia has “Friends of People Close to Nature” (FPCN) as an NGO human rights organisation that works in the field of indigenous rights.

FPCN is scathing of WWF’s involvement, among other projects, in forestry projects in PNG which locals claim have achieved nothing. The locals claim that all progress was made by local conservation groups with WWF taking the credit or WWF claiming credit for areas that were protected by their inaccessibility. The Dutch government has withdrawn funding for this project. AUS-AID was a co-funder.

In Africa, Pakistan, South America, Indonesia, Russia, PNG and West Papua similar stories abound.

The anonymity of many of the sources testifies to the fear that many communities have of the ENGO’s.

Locals are also suitably scathing of the spin put on the success of the programmes for the multitude of web sites run by WWF.



Hi Joanne,

A book and an author you won't see on the shelves of your book supplier:

Eco - Imperialism, Green Power - Black Death

by Paul Driessen


And this one, I have a link on my toolbar to:


When you hear the wildlife TV program talking about Maasai Mara game reserve, think about the displaced Maasai people and their semi - nomadic life.


These links are destined to be quoted from but not tonight. Thank you for putting them up.

The evidence against people playing God is mounting and the evixdence against organisations who think they know better than those who live there is mounting.

Some of these people have lived sustainably for thousands of years.


A Bumper Sticker seen on a car today

'I'll keep my Cow S*** in the country if you keep your Bull S*** in the city'

dont have a tv but I hear a commercial channel ran a freebie Pr spin for maccas last night?

seems if  maccas want to sell beef, they can make it pretty and say theyre ok..

while managing to imply? no one else is as caring etc.

scuse me while I go heave.

its Greenwashing for profit.

same as the heart ticks go to companies that PAY for support advertising-  to get it.

its all a green con and WWF and the rest suck bigtime.

onder how many of you beef producers need to pull OUT of the MLA etc to send em broke?

they crap on you, give it back.

its your money thats keeping the leeches fat.

That's a ripper Col.


Hello Laurel- good to hear from you again. You are as sharp and clear sighted as ever.

The last two lines sums up what I am trying to achieve


I heard about the free Maccas ad.

At the moment they are trying to drag cattle producers into a partnership with an organisation which works outside parameters which we find acceptable so that they can market their product as more green.

It is about moral boundaries. Something even our Prime Minister doesn't seem to know about.

Most of us have to abide by laws and pay our taxes and multinational companies have constraints put on them by corporations law, ASX rules and the ACCC.

The ENGO's have few constraints (they certainly arn't constrained from fudging science and using it selectively) and get favourable tax treatment.

As for the MLA, the fifty largest producers can run the show on their own. This year MLA met with 30 of the 50 largest producers before the MLA AGM to head off what looked like some disatisfaction in the ranks. They got it all sorted without reference to we plebs who just pay a small amount of levy which is deducted by law from our sale cheques before we get them.

The actual AGM is only a formality with many of the big players not bothering to attend and it is mostly a showcase for their achievements.

The much vaunted "producer forum" actually only had about 45 mins. of about 3-4 hours when producers were able to speak and one is told often that a topic is outside their charter.


The MSA is for Meat Standards Australia which means that it has been graded to eat well. Where I live not many butchers carry MSA because it is too expensive for a town that lives on a low budget.
There is a con in that for the farmers as well.

You have to apply to be an MSA producer (not too difficult if you are computer literate). Then you have to fill out an online form when the cattle are loaded on the truck which you only have one go at (more difficult with drivers anxious to get away). There is a premium if you grade.

Then you can get back a grading sheet which says "passed MSA grading-failed company grading" and therefore no premium.


Ian Macrae Yeates said:

In the Woolworths catalogue there are white ticks on a red circle for Borg's cocktail pastizzi also On the menu meals Angus roast Beef, Woolworths beef MSA certified MSA eg beef porterhouse steak $21.98 kg (kangaroo in triangle Australian grown).


You are corrrect on all counts but evidence of lying or corruption seems to make a case fall in all endeavours except the environment and environmental law.

From what I have been reading lately you trying to bring the plight of the Soloman Island people to the attention of WWF for help would be destined to fail.

They have been the agent for the displacement of Indigenoud people all over the world in the name of conservation. Gorillas are more important than the people who have lived with them for thousands of years.

Some commentators put the number of "conservation refugees" at 14 million as opposed to "ecological refugees" who have bee displaced by drought or other extreme event.
All the large conservation organisations now own and manage so much property across the globe that they must count among the largest landowners and managers in the world and in Australia they are buying property with Federal and State government money. 

With the help of the media that we do have on side (not the ABC) they will be "nailed to the wall". 

John C Fairfax said:

Brad Coopers refers to a "fundamental breach of trust".

Surely those breaching trust can be nailed out and dried for all to see.

WWF could be nailed by qenuine rural interest media with one or two short questions.  


What evidence does WWF have to justify claim that 90% of pollution damaging the GBR is from farmers?

What section of ABC Charter provides for broadcast of unsubstantiated news that breaches trust between public media and taxpayers, news such as pointing the finger at farmers and/or agriculture for 90% of pollution damaging the World Heritage GBR?


Short questions of substance about subject of general public interest and concern are hard to establish.

WWF are using subject of general public interest, coral and animals, to which they attach fabricated spin. The spin is breaching trust, trust used to collect donations and to put politicians and company boards in their pockets.

In a Court of Law if a witness is caught out with spin or a lie, all credibility is lost.

Meanwhile real cause/s of damage to the GBR and even the Coral Sea is continuing and worsening, compounding, because real causes and solutions are not being duly addressed.

If the WWF is not confronted in this battle it will be innocent farmers wearing the shackles and damage to the GBR and world food sustainability will continue to rapidly worsen as evidence indicates.


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Honest Government, Fair Rights to property and compensation, Australia and our people strong and proud, reinstatement of values and respect



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