WWF to Tell Australian Cattlemen How to be “Sustainable”

The Queensland Country Life today carried a story entitled “WWF sinks hooks deeper into beef industry” by Brad Cooper which makes it beyond doubt that WWF is to project manage beef sustainability courses at the behest of Mc Donalds and with the full co-operation of CCA and MLA.

WWF, through their influence with the Greens in Queensland have been responsible for Vegetation Management laws implemented without ‘just terms’ and with no carbon credit for avoided deforestation. Those were stolen by the government to meet its Kyoto commitments.

An early task force reviewing damage to the Great Barrier Reef wanted to say that the reef was in good shape. However they bowed to the protests of the WWF representative and highlighted the small areas that appeared slightly damaged. WWF have claimed ever since that farming and grazing are damaging the reef in spite of lack of research and knowledge that urban centres are actually causing more alleged pollution.

All green groups have been involved in Wild Rivers legislations and declarations and possible World Heritage listing claiming on the one hand that the areas are either pristine or retaining most of their natural values and on the other denigrating the cattlemen who have lived there for more than 100 years for degrading the landscape and it therefore needs protection.

This legislation has put those graziers in a time warp whose effects will not be felt immediately but over time as it becomes impossible to adopt the results of modern research they will start to bite. One of the great lies told is that declaration will protect the areas from mining and CSG exploitation.

The greatest harm of all has been to our reputation, our self esteem and sense of worth that comes from knowing that you are doing a worthwhile job-feeding the people of the world.

WWF and others have taken the flawed findings of ‘Livestock’s Long Shadow” and publicised them to the point where vegetarian celebrities, authors, journalists, governments and research organisations including our own National Health and Medical Research Council have urged limited or zero meat intake on environmental grounds.

The upshot is that our credentials have been damaged as part of a campaign by environmentalists to discredit those of us who live by the land in order to set themselves up as the environmental gods and the only people deserving of dictating policy and receiving funding and even big business has fallen for the scam.

Be aware that when you respond to that beautifully worded invitation to an Ausgraze workshop your presenter will be in the employ of WWF and the “voluntary” course will soon become mandatory.

Have CCA and MLA let us down once again by not highlighting the science that is on our side instead of responding to the dark green Mob.




The table below is found at page two of the document, Naked extortion? Environmental NGOs imposing [in]voluntary regulations on consumers and business found at the IPA web site. To read the entire document click on this link.       


PRECEDING DISCUSSION - http://justgroundsonline.com/forum/topics/international-green-group...



Beef Central article, WWF: To engage or not to engage?



Follow up article by Brad Cooper published at farmonline, Sustainable beef plan under wraps




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I think waiting until a processor asks is shutting the stable door after the horse is bolted. My biggest concern in all of this is the involvement of WWF. We might be able to win a levies battle and get some restructure or dissolution with a sympathetic minister but once we have WWF in the system we will never be rid of them.

Brad Bellinger said:

This could be the launchdate of LPA/AGRISURE.Pretty hard to start fighting yet untill we know the full contents of the document.Best approach to combat the system is to go on the attack and advertise against the processor who first demands it.

Apart from the trespass against our businesses ,you can bet the price of the NVD will rise to cove the extra audit costs.

Cattle Council has said that the closest thing it can think of to the Roundtable on Sustainable Beef is McDonalds Rainforest Certified Coffee.

These certification schemes usually operate in third world countries, not in developed countries with a credible history of research development and innovation.

For WWF to  gain traction in a first worl country like Australia is a milestone for them and they are not about to give up the opportunity.

Some of the conditions of the Rainforest Certification Schemes include things such as -

No child labour

Minors (15 and above) should have a parent or guardian present with them.

Minors cannot lift more than 20% of their body weight.

For us to be considering even a dialogue with WWF rather than standing by our our own considerable research reputation is a travesty.

Thanks Jeff

John C Fairfax

I understand your frustration.The green groups are posturing and making unsubstantiated claims to achieve their aims.

If they were concerned about the human race they would spend quality time in places like SI instead of making ridiculous statements about agriculture in the Barrier Reef area but we know which gets them the funding don't we.


I have no idea why a post on this thread from you would have been deleted. Except perhaps it was considered to be off-topic due to cross fertilization?

Even though a relevant connection could/can be established.

The problem with the WWF plans for interference in agriculture is that there is no body, no farmer organization, which has a direct line of communication with farmers, where the views of those farmers can be measured and acted upon by that farmer organization and in doing so give farmers a united voice.

There was no objection from me. I don't have any problems except with WWF but if they would like to come on and debate me on this issue they are welcome.

Before anyone starts to think I may have "deleted" anything, I have reported to Dale that there maybe a problem with some postings going astray. Dale has advised Ning that there may be a problem.

I have found that some of mine have disappeared, Barbara Lee also noted that at least one of her posts had disappeared. I think Cate S. had seen some posts disappear.

I have been able to Restore a couple with some fiddling around and copy, pasting the post between my word processor and the site -

Anyway, I have just been out and had a fantastic Italian meal, without worrying about any initials and acronyms, postings and deletions.

Advise from Dale, and it makes sense - construct your post in Word or similar, check your spelling and read it for errors. Then copy and paste into JGC.

Once you start online editing, your on your own.

Here's something you can gloat about, even though it's not directly involved with Australia or the Australian cattle industry:


WWF, Embezzlement ? No couldn't be, not pure as the driven snow WWF. /sarc off


comment deleted by moderator

Oh No, not G. Edward Griffin again.


World without Cancer, Vitamin B17, Laetrile

Writer for George Wallace during his Presidential run.

Noah's Ark, wrote about and did a film on Noah's Ark being found near Mt Ararat in Turkey, proven wrong.

Chemtrails - illogical and has been debunked.


Question I ask you, if your wife or daughter or mother had BRAC1 or BRAC2 breast cancer, breast cancer due to hereditary circumstances, cervical cancer, leukemia (blood cancer) or skin cancer, and any of these that have have started to become a metastasis cancer, would you use Laetrile/ Apricot kernels/ Vitamin B17?

Don't take too long to make a decision, the patient may die a horrible death, while you consult this dangerous quack.

I have had to live through this, with a mother who died due to the end results of ovarian cancer, a father who died from "conjugated cancers" ie. after metastasis had taken the cancer to many internal organs, and my wife who has now survived 10 years after breast cancer, and has a clean billing due to standard medical treatment.

The 2010 Marsten Jacob Report commissioned by DERM acknowledged that the population centres were responsible for the most pollution entering the Reef Lagoon but that it was cheaper to target farmers than pay for such thigs as sewerage treatment plant upgrades.

This move by government and others to target farmers has done untold damage to the farming community to the extent that WWF spokesmen like Nick Heath can turn the modest amount of pollution that farms MAY be responsible for to 90% and that they MAY be responsible for an increase in herpes in turtles and they are held accountable by nobody.

The ABC gives them airplay to advance their own agendas and we are left naked and shivering by our research organisations and those who are charged with representing us.

Nick Heath of WWF nor anybody else has any science to support this rubbish.

This, CCA, is what happens when you try to tango with the likes of WWF. Stand for your members not stakeholders, gather yor research and show some courage.

They have bigger, rarely stated agenda and you are playing with fire.

John Fairfax - this is the most sensible action I've seen proposed on here.

                  Get them in print on their letterhead - don't let them sleaze around unaccountably.

Trouble is -it takes time and commitment-are you going to do it?

This is the tactics I'm using  in building a database document on site here that has all the history and facts and forms for ALL to see  re this  MLA voting fiasco.

                    We on here know how it all works and unless we can engage the enemy by law or shame or howerever else- it just becomes a whinge session which is what I said about the A21 discussion!

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Honest Government, Fair Rights to property and compensation, Australia and our people strong and proud, reinstatement of values and respect



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