Which allows China to be able to sell us their apples too...bad news for our growers.


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Hi Andrew...no, whatever do you mean...:-)
its just another of Laurels conspiracy theories:-)
actually heard ONE intelligent chap on an ABC show state that Aus needed to get out! of free trade and who etc, I was so stunned to hear sanity I forgot his name..
As he stated, It does NO good for us whatsoever to be so linked to the world trade, it only drags us down with them and opens out markets to undercutting subsidies whatever.
I am surprised, Laurel, that you haven't discovered that the Kiwis are allowed to spray their apple trees for Fire Blight with an antibiotic, which, would you believe, Laurel, is banned in this country?

So much for Australian pesticide registration... huh?

Ever vigilant

well Roger, if you think I would support antibiotic use, on the scale of orchards...nope.
so its one of the smart things Pest reg has done :-)
I,d love the name of it, but I can always go look for myself:-)
wonder what the witholding and affect of it on onfarm soil organisms is.. maybe apart from the ever growing antibiotic resistance, that could be a reason it isnt allowed in?
Alan, seeing as S Africa never was stable or having much of a cohesive and regulated anything after the poms left the areas they were "organising"
I dont think their insularity did harm, ore like the Corrupt regimes in multiple states, infighting and warlords sure screw a place up fast.
I do not see that sending our fish O/s to be filleted canned and bringing it back assists in any way OUR industry or prices. you tell me that fuel and time and processing and the fuel for the trip back...are all a cheaper and safer ? option than processing where the fish is caught ie Lincoln? someones cooking the books if they reckon so. or...we are supporting slave labour. probably both!
ditto the wool we send O/s to be woven, and our cotton, and I am sure a whole lot more.
if it was made and produced here as before we would be fully employed and a damn sight better of, not at the whims of Global masters.
We HAD well trained craftspeople, skilled workers and pretty efficient industries, it all went west when we allowed foriegn takeovers, they shut and shipped offshore, and it all vanished.
now we import far too much, have large unemployed and untrained for real skills, and have lost our manufacturing base.
we need to regain it before we lose the talented people who can train the young ones.
strewth Roger,
after reading that resistance is fairly common , it also makes other genus of infective agents resistant, and is a Human use one..well, no wonder we ban it.
No, it's because of the way we do things here. Labor costs are an infinitesimal fraction in these particular equations
alan.. aw come on... chinese or indian steelworkers get bugger all per month, what our guys earn i a day or at best a week would be a month or more like 3 for them!
Russian doctors on 100 a month would be well off. My american Miner friend worked underground for not much more than 20 an hour, and a labour hire firm took 1/3 of that from him.
Global slave labour IS a fact and the reason offshoring is so prevalent.
if it wasnt then why do Nike adidas Gates apple etc ALL use off shore for their highl sold and profitable products? when their own wages are so dam lousy!?
Allan ,unfortunatly you are promoting a race to the bottom.We (Australian Farmers ) are under seige.With a 60 billion rural debt , an erratic climate and high labour costs we are obviously unable to compete with foriegn food imports.Australia plays a pivitol role in feeding the world safe food.Biosecurity Australia has failed to protest us from foreign diseases it will do so again.We have a soveriegn right to protect our farmers and economy and ignore unjust rulings from the WTO.Our elected representatives in Canberra must represent their constituents not the WTO.
Your free trade at all costs would represent a minority view.
Not to mention those within your industry who actively campaign for opening up import boundaries Brad- biosecurity risks or not.
Alan so how? is following the crummy example of OS govts that are ll in massive debt and being underproductive a boon to any of us?
it is beyond sanity in a world where everyone needs to eat- that food is such a weapon and a controlled substance, there truly need be Not One human on our planet going to bed hungry, and yet..millions are every day, and millions die every week due to malnutrition. and GM or lack of, has Naff all to do to make it better .
Equity and true value and Ethics! would go a damn sight further than Big business monopolies.
What possible insane reason is there in following the Cluster F***! results of the other countries lousy management and practices?
yes WE sure could change our practices...BUT NOT by following such crappy examples as set there. Run controlled and manipulated by Banksters in the chicago Ex and the manufacturers and so called food industrial complex.
with limited machinery and more human labour we managed to feed ourselves , england and sell to others years ago.We had employment , people who could actually DO physical work and we didnt have Obesity and diabetes plagues and the need for Gyms, people actually worked.
its not a dirty word, or a bad thing to use muscles and get grubby to earn! really earn ones daily bread.
Its not a bad idea to totally reassess the way we farm and produce food and the means of supply and sale.
beacause what we are doing now is NOT working.
RogerRs comments about it not being worth even planting wheat? due to poor prices already known?
does this, in a land where 99% eat a wheat product or many per day...sound sane.
it defies logic ! we supply ALL our own to our own, and we only sell after our needs and a stockpile is saved for possible droughts of at least 2 years duration. minimum. if the following years a good one the old stored grain is used first and sold. simple housekeeping. OLD practices that enabled Humanity to survive for millenia. those that didnt do it, died out.
what is it with modern so called smart people who seem Not to have learnt? History repeats!
Yes I heard this news coming back from Dubbo and thought it would be a bone for Agmates. Business dynamics and looking in depth at other peoples M.O. has always interested me.

Primary Production in my 30 year experience has been a boom and bust never ending cycle. It is all averages -unders and overs ,smoke and mirrors and normally the commentators and spruikers that claim to know are 2 years in arrears in there forecasts.

Which ever particular industry that may be enjoying a brief period of price for effort gets all the press and hoopla as if- thats too good for you peasant's-don't expect that to last more that 6 months.

Sheepmeat is one of those industries at present due to supply and demand- we are receiving a good price for a top article. On Monday I was priveleged enough to get a royal tour of Fletcher Internationals facility. Everyone is aware that they produce a lot of export sheep meat but the scale of the skin and wool section blew me away.

From getting the wool off the skins then scouring then spinning and end product top making-everything our overseas buyers do. The scale and cost of all the machinery must have been staggering 15 years ago when set up. It is the only one left in Aust.

The whole plant was a credit to Roger Fletcher and his family to have the guts to set all that up. Sheep are very scarce for their kills and are being whisked out of the saleyards to Melbourne and Adelaide as fast as they can buy them.

My family and I have moved into lamb breeding for these markets 5 years ago and finally have them on tap and my Merino -Texel first cross Av almost 25kg and for the first time ever I was paid for the skin. They were pleased and I was pleased. Things are tight for them paying me that money but they have markets and lack of supply seems to be a bigger problem.

Roger mentioned the exchange rates of the AUD at 93.7 and the basket case economies in Europe as being a big worry . Not to mention their Basket case State Govt who want to increase the power bills in NSW by 60% in the next couple of years. He has 400 electric motors sucking it up by the minute.

This is an Aust family business- all the others have gone belly up and to my knowledge there is only JBS Swift (largest) and T&R in Adelaide.Why am I nervous when things appear to be so Promising?Must be a product of my previous experience.

Ask the Aust apple growers this morning and I bet they know what I'm talking about.
Thanks for that Alan- have just come in from Branding the last of the years calves . They are that big and fat we could hardly get the cradle shut on them. Should be about 500 black nuggets- it is wonderful to see prime animals again.

The beauty of Agmates is that we don't have to agree on everything(tho we do on most)the old Bse was better value than politics and religion for a while there.

I do my fair share of whinging and this morn I was glad to post something positive re Fletchers. Got the true weights back today and my Merino -Texel firstcross Lambs av 25.28 kg for 162 on my truck. Have been on Cloud 9 all day!

Re Matt and Janet- it was none of my business to stick my nose in but it didn't seem fair then and I'm sure nothing has changed for the better since. It was my pleasure to have a go at stirring the pot but these things are never simple. I wish them well inspite of our trading model differences.

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