US Beef Exports to S. Korea surge in Jan-Feb 2010- BSE Hysteria Fades

My following post is based on an article in by Tom Johnstone

The US increased beef exports to S. Korea by 57% to reach 13802 T in Jan-Feb. The Korean Meat Import Assoc said " misconceptions about US beef safety are subsiding"

Australia currently exports 10,000T /month to S.Korea and so the US is rapidly regaining their historical market share {pre BSE } at Australia's expense.

Fortunately beef consumers in our export destinations have become rational enough to reject BSE hysteria like that recently whipped up in Australia by the Witch Hunters from the Australian Beef Assoc.
I recall from before my expulsion from the ABA that Director Mr. John Carter was quite elated when left wing unionists were trashing Seoul in a futile attempt to stop resumption of US beef imports during 2008 and under OIE protocols. No doubt he will be bitterly disappointed that science based rationality has prevailed over left wing thugery in S. Korea

As the rest of the world progressively rejects BSE hysteria , Australia's position will increasingly be seen to be based on trade protectionism rather than rational scientific application of OIE protocols

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Korea shops on price, not quality.
Very good point Lee. Did you read 'Australia damages reputation' in Steve Kay's column on page 118 of last weeks Queensland Country Life? It's a very sensible summary of our sorry situation!
HI Laurel, I am sure the average Korean consumer would be most offended by your comment. They are prepared to pay twice what they pay for US and Aussie beef for their domestically produced high marbling Korean cattle. This is similar to the Japanese paying much more for their Wagyu beef compared to imports. Beef is an expensive delicacy to the Koreans and Japanese.

The Koreans in particular love the short ribs beef cut. The US production system produces a very succulent short rib which had been highly sought after in Korea pre BSE {Dec 2003}. In fact 2/3 of US imports were SRs derived from the 30Million + cattle slaughtered annually in the US.
Australia just cannot produce the quantity of quality SR required by the KOreans from our small 7 million head annual kill.
So as the BSE hysteria fades in S.Korea, their SR fetish is being re kindled and this is expressed through buying more tonnes of US Short Ribs at the expense of a whole range of Aussie cuts.

Short Rib cooking is a Korean art form and national pastime. The recipes are sensational.

I suggest you check out the following recipe link and let Agmates know how you find the culinary experience
hmm? 8.99 for about a kilo, 50% or more of which is bone, not such a deal, hey it sounds ok, but I am not about to bother. I prefer skirt steak off the bone and cooked slow, like Lamb shanks, some TV cook made em trendy, so now the cheaper cuts go up in price, lamb necks ditto, means a dog treat gets pricey and I eat less meat also.
and Bone IN? from a BSE country?
so what Happened to the Primal Cut ONLY? regime?
Canada literally tried to Force its beef onto Korea, so whats being done Trade pressure wise?
oh, I forgot S korea has American Military ties too, doesnt it.

Hmm, you say 30+ million beef, (wow the test rates of what? 40K look a bit small suddenly? or did I disremember the correct test rate?) 1 in how many thousand?)
thats 2 ribs sets guesstimate 20 to 30kg? off a big animal?
per animal, and theres 330 Million rib eating yanks, even at 1/2 of the people indulging, theres still 150 millions serves on a ONE time a year meal.
ok say 3 is a serve ay approx 1/2 a kg uncooked, remembering the bone weight. 1kg serves 2? say its a 20kg rib unbroken, that means 40 serves
you know the figures looking odd if 2?3 of the 60 million are going off shore..
so? wheres the rest from? Canada/ Brazil? buy in ship out?

and then theres this.
amazing they arent so proud of what they sell that they do NOT want to comply?
Hello Lee- this might be a result of the U S companies suggesting that their number one competition ie Australia has minamised the Bse risk and put us all on the one rack. As in -no point of difference and theirs is probablly more consistent due to there grading system.

Also could this be the first fruits of US Agric Sec Tom Vilsac's- Export Enhancement Initiative which has a stated aim of doubling the US exports in the next 5 years. In the meatingplace article Vilsac talks of a softly softly approach to the trade and restrictions. With the global multinational meat co's- who knows what deals are done and one thing for sure Australian's will be the last to find out. " Enhancement " is usually code for subsidy or rebate

We are NO Risk till we get something nasty and unwanted . If we do get a BSE case then we would simply be Minimum Risk. Can't see what is so hard to fathom in this tiresome topic.
G'day Rob, we have had 10 mls here to freshen things up this evening.
Re our BSE Status, Australia is officially Negligible Risk and the US is Controlled Risk. For the US to be upgraded to NR , their last BSE case {typical or atypical} needs to have been born 10 years or more prior to the US's application for upgrade. By my figuring the US must be getting very close to becoming NR , that is the same status as Australia.
What is your view on accepting US imports when this happens?
I hope you reaize that the US exported to 35 markets in 2009 on the back of good marketing programmes which did not rely on arm twisting by the multi national meat companies.

BSE Hysteria is fading rapidly around the world to the remarkable extent that the US exported 897,376MT worth $3.082 Billion in 2009. The pre BSE average figures for 2000-03 were 1,265,187 MT worth $3.53B/year. Therefore the US is back to 87% by value and 71% by volume of their pre BSE exports. By comparison, Australia's exports were valued at $3.76B in 2009.

The commercial reality is that BSE Hysteria wiil no longer provide Australia with market dominence in our most prized markets namely Japan and S.Korea. THe USDA and the US Meat Export Federation have funded extensive advertising campaigns in both these markets in an attempt to regain their pre BSE shares. IN 2009 the US hit 28% {Korea} and 21% {Japan} of their pre BSE export levels by volume.

AS global sanity spreads and BSE Hysteria fades into oblivion, US exports will continue to expand and pose increasing competition for Australia in our prized exports markets. The current BSE Witch Hunts in Australia might be a tiresome topic from your perspective. However in my view these unproductive Witch Hunts are more of a quaint, irrational irrelevance to the global meat market but unfortunately has the potential to seriously damage Australia's reputation as a science based trading nation in the long term
Lee here are some real facts not the selective reporting you deliver in order to reinforce your obsession with the ABA.

Japan imported 5400 tons of beef from the USA in Feb,this only represente 25% of volumes imported in Feb 2003 (before the BSE outbreak in the USA)

Australian beef exports to Korea from 1-29th of March totalled 10 074 tons in chilled beef cuts.Representing 32% compared with 25% of imports for the same month last year.
The improvement in Australias chilled beef exports has been fuelled by solid demand in Korea.
I say Zero tolerance of anyone else, and zero risk.

I'll stay at home in bed, and never do anything.
Anti everything people told us that DDT was bad. They went to Africa putting their nose in other people's business and succeeded in getting DDT banned because it was dangerous.

Increased Deaths from Malaria in Africa during the time that the ban stayed in place numbered in the hundreds of millions. Environmentalist aren't bothered by these death's. They are only bothered by rumours that one or two deaths might be directly related to a chemical that was manufactured by a company seeking profit.

What about the deaths cause by the anti everything people that banned DDT in Africa?
Hi Vida,
How are you today?

I was making the point that zero tolerance fails to consider the cost of not using a technology or allowing an import.

In the case of Africa, millions of lives were lost to Malaria when it was banned and saved when it was allowed.

In the case of bse negligable risk. Our quest for no risk leaves us vulnerable to lose a 400,000 tonne market so that we don't lose a 10 tonne market. We must consider both sides of every coin and that includes the risk of not allowing something as well as the risk of allowing it. Great disasters have evolved from this quest for zero risk in solutions to problems without consideration of the risk of not solving the problem.
matt the MIS use of DDT in Africa would have killed many and polluted water and soils.
the Mis use in america, was promulgated by the chem cos saying it was so people were very careless, showing kids running through the spray jets for F thats NOT what I call responsible corporate behaviour. it like roundup is now was touted as safe and basically non toxic to humans.
Many people sledge Rachael Carson, forgetting she was a highly respected marine biologist, and what she found in the waters and fish, were the reason she spoke up.
In a home I once rented the old sign from the dept of health on the door advised a teaspon of DDT down the septic weekly.. WTF?
now the fruit trees there were planted along the septic outflow..and of course absorbed it from the soil. that! is the stupidity corporate backed science gave us then, and still does.
Dioxin, still being found at 8% in some foods we eat, and its been banned for many many years.
I agree the malaria issue is a biggie, yes the complete ban on Controlled use sure hurt people. but in those places Controlling the use abuse and also the quite often Fake/dumped products is also near impossible.
USA dumped Agent orange here that had way over the usual Dioxin levels, in Qld, and people and soils are still contaminated.
it happens all the time. and they KNEW that dioxins were forming even though it was NOT supposed to contain it.
as Malaria is also caused by poverty , lack of education and poor housing, in most instances, remedying that would help a lot. simply spraying the crap out of entire areas is not a solution any sane person would endorse, yet thats exactly what they did do.
good on Ya Brad :-)


Honest Government, Fair Rights to property and compensation, Australia and our people strong and proud, reinstatement of values and respect




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