Hi all, Some time ago I started a small conservative activist group at www.efficiency1st.org to fight PETA on mulesing. We only had a few members and we sent off emails to corporations that had agreed to stop using Aussie wool. The campaign was very successful and pushed PETA underground with their campaign. Now they are back and looking to force the wool industry to stop mulesing, that would be a disaster for millions of sheep and for every other livestock industry as they would then move on to ban most livestock husbandry practices.

As aresult of PETA's renewed campaign Country road has recently announced that they will be seeking to use unmulesed wool in their products, see our website at efficiency1st.org to see some interesting arguments concerning increased carbon emmisions as a result of that. Right now though we need as many people as possible to email Jeremy Stent at country road at StentJ@CountryRoad.com.au You can use the message below.
Best regards to all

Charlie Mccowen

Dear Country Road, Could you please reverse your decision to use non-mulesed wool. Mulesing is the best way for Australian wool producers to maintain the highest standards of welfare for their sheep. This is because non-mulesed sheep require more chemical inputs and higher levels of maintenance due to the increased level of flystrike. Flystrike is the cruellest thing that can ever happen to a sheep. Higher chemical inputs eventually poison our environment. Figures compiled by efficiency1st.org also show that if the Australian flock were to be non-mulesed it would likely cause the emission of an extra 50,000 kilograms of unnecessary carbon dioxide into the atmosphere due to additional welfare activities on farm. Your decision to buy non-mulesed wool is extremely unethical and is no doubt a response to unethical and extreme minority groups such as PETA. Please reverse your decision today

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Good one ya.

This is very important for all of society as well as farm animals. If we allow silly people with no experience caring for livestock to make the rules, animals will die needlessly.

Industry organisations record of capitulation on this issue, when they knew the truth, is appalling.
Good stuff Mat, did you send the email,you would be amazed at the effectiveness of a cyber campaign in getting corporations to think in terms the long term damage that organisations like PETA can do.

Costco of the USA are currently running a survey which asks whether you think that animals have the same rights as people, the no's are currently running at 93.5%, check it out here and vote:

Happy voting to all
PETA is on record as having the HIGHEST kill rate of any animal rescue in America.
I truly care about animals welfare and abuse.
I will NOT support Peta, the people behind it are NOT ethical or in any way serious about true animal health, and I happen to believe animals DO have rights.
to be treated well, fed and cared for, no less than any human member of the family they are in.
Wild animals have the right to be left alone and if needed for food killed cleanly and with respect, not slaughtering without need.
The rights of wolves in america, supported by Peta..has meant some horrific stock losses.
I think those supporters need to see firsthand some half eaten and still alive victims.
They went nutso when an aging and well cared for Carriage horse died while pulling a wedding carriage..No horse should pull a cart or be ridden..uh? they should all run free..
so yes I will send a letter to Country rd. but not vote on rights.
BTW Country Rd uses asian makers..in spite of the massive price tags. maybe you should look into that?
wonder how their subcontracted humans are treated??
Here is an article in The Australian who have told Australia they will not buy wool from sheep that have been 'mulesed'
The Australian-Mulesing

If this has occurred under pressure from PETA, aren't there laws against collusion and extortion?
Well done Charlie
I will never let my merinos suffer from increased fly strike to placate PETA.
Elders are included the NWD National Wool Declaration with their classers specification.This then encourages growers to fill out a mulesing declaration.The rot is setting in from the big end of town.I urge all wool growers not to participate in this programme.Of course if enough growers sign these damn things then then the mills will start discounting .Wool growers have the power we need to start using it.
Please forgive an ignorant city slicker, but do any other countries besides us practice mulesing of their sheep? If so, are they being targeted (blackmailed!) by organisations such as PETA and the EU?
Hi Colin, many other countries probably do practise mulesing, it was invented in New Zealand and has been adopted widely in Australia due to the humane effects of a decrease in flystrike. The only reason that PETA have chosen to target the Australian wool industry is because it works very well from a strategic viewpoint for them. Aussie wool growers are far away from Peta's target audiences in Europe and America and it is easy to use a wedge strategy to taint these faraway people as cruel and subhuman since practically no-one in the target group has personal knowledge of the truth of the situation or of woolgrowers. It is a simple but effective strategy used for centuries by tyrants of every colour and more recently by special interest activist groups like PETA and the multitude of green groups.
Fact is that mulsing has saved millions of sheep from cruel flystrike, it is lifelong effective, means that millions of litres of chemicals are never poured onto our sheep flock, makes other husbandry practises such as shearing easier and safer and lowers carbon emmissions. Ther truth? Unmulsed is Unethical.

Eventually this message will win through and we have already had substantial success with it - it is a positive message with a positive outcome for all the worlds citizens, more happy mulesed sheep can keep us warm with less fossil fuel emmissions whilst simultaneously sequestering many thousands of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere as wool is 20% carbon - Aussie wool clip = about 250 million Kilo's thats 50 million kilo's of carbon sequestered each year - WOW
Hello Charlie
Perhaps farmers in Australia need to embrace PETA and bring them on board and engage them in our agricultural practices!

I am told there is a very common practice involving very large rubber bands..........! ;-)
In YOUR misogynistic opinion alan!

My Point was that Country Rd couldnt give a s*** about humans over profit so their Hypocrisy over Mulesing is just soooo cute for PR.
and actually alan i would prefer AUSSIE mills to be working and aussies employed!
and the profit staying here , whos screwing who???...they sell to us at the price we would pay IF the clothes were made here.
I am not denying anyone opportunities..gees you talk crap.
hows about they get their act together? like Aussies did. without being used to screw OUR countrys people up?? sitting crying poor us, while expecting aid and everything else to come from abroad ie US.
imagine US doing that??? think we'd be waiting till hell froze over, frankly.
allowing companies to pay slave labout to 3rd world is good is it?
I refuse to buy any country rd or supre or levis etc for just that reason.
yeah, and to really stop the rot, those bands need to be around their necks!
people need to SEE a flystruck sheep up close and smelly.

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