I am not sure whether these have been published widely, but anyway here goes:

Wednesday 27 January,
12:30, Luncheon, The Union Club
17:30 Public lecture, Sheraton on the Park
contact: John Smeed, phone or SMS 0417 269 216 johnsmeed@adna.com.au

Thursday 28 January
12:30 Public lecture, Newcastle City Hall – Banquet Room
contact: Anthony Cox, 0412 474916, akcsj@optusnet.com.au

Friday 29 January
12:00 – 2.00 Brisbane Institute luncheon Panel Debate Brisbane Hilton – Grand Ballroom
Pre-registered and pre-paid event.
contact: Tony Gomme
15:00 Public Lecture Brisbane – Irish Club, Tara Ballroom
$20 at the door, no pre-registration or booking required
contact: Tony Gomme

Saturday 30 January
2pm Public Lecture “The J”, Noosa Heads, Ian Runge (Brisbane Institute)/John McRobert
contact: Simon Gamble, jgamble@bigpond.net.au Ian Runge (Brisbane Institute)/

February Monday 1
12:30 “Sandwich Luncheon”, 6/112 Millswyn St Ian Runge (Brisbane Institute)/ Max Rheese (Aust. Climate Science Coalition)/Des Moore (Inst. For Private Enterprise) info@auscsc.org.au
17:30 Public Lecture, Sofitel Hotel Grand Ballroom
contact: Case Smit case.smit@gmail.com

Wednesday 3 February,
Organisers hope it will be at the National Press Club
contact: ceo@npc.org.au

Thursday4 February
19:30 Public lecture Intercontinental Hotel (formerly Hyatt)
North Terrace
contact: Damian Wyld, thomasmore@chariot.net.au, Ph 08 8379 0246

Monday 8 February
Luncheon Parmelia Hilton Hotel
17:30 Public Lecture Parmelia Hilton Hotel – Swan Room
contact: Daphne Dimitri for Gina Rinehart, daphne_dhimitri@hancockprospecting.com.au

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I will be there with my husband at either Bris or Noosa (haven't decided yet).
A little disappointed they are all daytime presentations....before I realised they were daytime in Bris & Noosa , I had planned for my family members (working adults and teenagers attending secondary school) to attend however, this is not possible during the day. I had thought of trying to organise the school my niece and nephew attend as an outing, however, the politics involved.....along with the fact that teachers return to school on 25 Jan and that is not enough time to get something together for 29 Jan.
My fault I know, I just presumed there would be a mix of day/early evening presentations. Not everyone can take time off during the day. Luckily my husband and I can but I would have loved to involve other family members who are "undecided" on the whole climate change issue. Especially my niece and nephew who have been educated the Al Gore way!
Hi Jim
To me you are like a mosquito buzzing aroung my head when I am trying to sleep.
Is that your intention?
Wow - what a conspiracy I have been reading about here!!! I was expecting some controversy but a fully fledged lying lord or sneaky psyop extravaganza has def given me a kick.

I was beginning to worry when I read a few articles at http://www.monbiot.com/ lol, what nonsense.

Please refrain from personal name calling Brendan, as per the members code of conduct. If you could remove the comment and repost it without "this dope" it would be appreciated.

Sue _ Moderator
Sorry Sue,
Gidday Jeff T & all the rest who are being bugged by Mr Thompson.
The only reason that he is still annoying you all, is that you are reading and responding to his baiting posts. If no-one reads the tripe that he spews, no-one responds. He can type his fingers raw, but if he gets no response, he is like a fire that gets no fuel ------ HE DIES
Thanks for that Brendan.
Maybe so Jordana, but geeze we get sick of the dribble and snide remarks dont we. Just let the fire die. Nobody stands around a cold stove.
Jeff. a little late in responding because there is so much happenimg on this site.....Al Gore educated at school - how sad is that! Ages are13 and 11 years old!
They don't relate to mozzie coils! (a bit soft for that)
A bit sad that the Monckton and Plimer workshops are during the day in Bris as they will be in school and I can't take them for a look at "the other side of the story".
I think that Jim has been in their ear.....hahahaha.

Sugar I knew I should stay out of this one!

I can only speak for myself until I raise this a the next Syd meeting, but I would say our policy would be to engage in discussion with is members to try to persuade them to look at the bigger picture and see that they are Al Gore employees, that appear to be oblivious to Al Gores larger intent. This would be done with humility and respect. However, as I have just participate in we can see that often all too quickly honorable debate is replaced with ego stroking. Hey I couldn't help it :P Sorry.

The reason I would view that organisation in such a light is because I recall Al Gore saying the 'debate is over', when it surely is not. So if Al Gore 'personally' trained the org, then I see them as opposition, but only as long as they hold their views. :P When we are all not ignorant we will all be friends is my view.

That's it from me on this one, I got a demo to plan and a physio that is awaiting.
Phil out.
Have read this morning that the National Press Club has rejected having Lord Monckton make an address.
I decided to email my disappointment with their decision, which is based on the possibility of an address by either the PM, Tony Abbott or Gillard.

If anyone else decides to follow suit here's the contact: npc@npc.org.au
Where is the Union Club.

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