The genetic desire of a society is to perpetuate itself so that one's own genes survive and prosper into the forever future. 'Marriage' being the union between man and woman is the principle multiplier of the perpetuation of the society. "Marriage" between same sex couples achieves no purpose for the continuance of the society and can only lead to "equal" rights for same sex "marrieds' to adopt   children. Whilst I am aware of children being exposed to same sex relationships being forced upon some children by their bisexual and turned homosexual natural parents no society that wishes to perpetuate itself should entertain a view that same sex couples should have rights to adopt or foster others parentless children. Homosexuals who want the right to marry as man and women have can not expect to be 'equal' unless given the OK to apply to be included in the adoption process. What homosexuals want is to feel normal when there is nothing normal about homosexuality for a society that wants to successfully perpetuate itself.

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Hi Beverley, interesting point.  But the topic was marriage.  Stick to the topic, please.

Hi Beverley, Readily available porno is a real worry for parents who wish their offspring to have a healthy attitude to courtship, sex and marriage. Porno gives the wrong impression to youths and young boys as a view is instilled that women are available for the asking and sex becomes less special.   

Hi Ebony, no I am not a mod, just have my own opinion.  And strong Christian.

Ebony Jackson said:

I watched the SBS program Bev - very interesting to learn how weird the kids of today are turning out.

Porn by its very nature will draw people to visit sites where anything goes.  

Sex and other sex is not for the faint hearted - nor is it the exclusive domain of the youth.

Consequences ie, STD's, gonorrhoea, syphilis, even AIDS (definitely out there) and of course the unplanned pregnancy, none of the porn sites will be responsible for your easy love in!....or your RSI, if you are male (side affect of masturbation).

I agree with you James.

And Linda? well if you are a mod, I guess I will be warned like Bev was.

Topics kind of get away from where they started from, when they become (more) interesting.

Wrong again, Bev.  Sorry.  Just agree to say that kids need both parents and for both parents to love them and be stable, or else not have kids.  End of story.  The man is supposed to be the protector and provider and the woman the nurturer (though in this day and age we do both).  We each have male and female roles to show our children. 

Sex and marriage.  Yes.  Tick.

Good night.

Beverley Prescott said:

So being a strong Christian and having your own opinion.

What has that got to do with considering it was your duty to tell me to stick to the topic, Linda?

I thought it was interesting to mention the SBS programme about the porn in a marriage discussion.

I always thought that sex and marriage went together somehow.

Linda Campion said:

Hi Ebony, no I am not a mod, just have my own opinion.  And strong Christian.

Love the Lady with the "same sex" drum. Thanks for that Jan, I'm still laughing and I'm confident that I may be able to change my position from these important lessons.

Marriage requires at least one of the spouse to have a work ethic. I define work ethic as "The automatic response to be productive with the self acceptance for the completion of tasks, appointed and self-appointed and for the completion of those tasks without martyrdom and without  promise of gain or reward as a 'work ethic' is its own reward" Socialism requires the diminshing of "marriage' as an institution and most attacks on 'Marriage" come with a socialist intent. The intent being to bring children into the educational syhere of the State and disallowing the wisdom, experience and success of  parents bearing influence on their children. A 'long-bow' example of socialist activity is 'Unfair Dismissal' laws.

Greece and Spain show the history this socialist law. The child expects the right to a job without accounability for productivity and a right to keep the job against the desire of their poor enslaved employer. When an employer is unable to dismiss an employee the employee fails to gain the knowledge. skill and experience of the employer and never takes on the roll of apprentice employer. The employee supports a Government that defends the indefensible i.e. an unprofitable employee and has no plans to elevate their position to employer as who would want to be an employer that cannot dismiss an unsatisfactory employee? The Greek and Spanish Governments relaxed their Unfair Dismissal laws in an attempt to stem the flood on business closures. And that is when the riots started 1st in Greece and now in Spain. Any diminishing of the traditional characterisitcs of Marriage will have the same effect on children. Young males with a high sex drive will be more inclinded to entertain homosexual practices if they observe the social acceptability of marraige between homosexual men as being normal.




Thank you Jan Courtney for the truely marvelous link below, a true, must read, can't delete, course of action for those want to know the reasons for the fight for marriage.


Bill's latest post: The box and dice of it.

I think this link will surprise many and think it is timely to bring into this Discussion as many activists involved in pushing the Point many of you are discussing and obviously differing apon how you percieve the subject matter have form in my experience  and this is just another attack apon Society as we know it.


My take on the Institutions of Society goes thus,Society has evolved certain aspects and formalities over many centuries and Generations,These have become over time institutionalised,and there was good reasoning for that formality.


Many of the Institutions of Society are the Direct result in many cases of Bitter experience,They have developed and been fine tuned in an effort to provide the best benefit to as many as possible amongst Society.

However as a Society all thoughtfull and Mature Societies recognise we cannot cater to every whim and in many cases doing so brings harm to the majority or lower the standards for everyone or gives a small majority an illegitimate advantage over others,Witness the so called Boat people while our own suffer in silence.

Nothing is perfect but many of the Institutions of Society have stood the test of time for good reason,We must be carefull not to pull down the Institution unless we genuinely improve the outlook for all or as many members of Society as Possible.

To Cater to just any Minority  Point of View at the potential loss of the Majority is always going to end in tears at some stage down the road.


Anyhow on a brighter note Thanks to Kayla for her efforts on Fold3 and may you all enjoy a likely new insight into Mothers day ,Something I consider needs reviewing regarding the current discussion as they are truly interlinked     Steve

Sad that a top psychiatrist is forced to resign for perfectly reasonable views on marriage and family. What's next? Arresting anyone who refuses to actively participate in Sydney's "gay" mardi-gras?

Hi Rory and Jan, The downside for homosexuals is that heterosexuals will begin to be less accepting and forgiving of the homosexual due to the homosexual  invasion into the realm of schooling of heterosexual parents' children. What has taken place in USA in the States that have licenced same sex 'marriages' is a sure and acute warning that same sex 'marriages' must never become a licence in Australia. The movement behind samesexmarriage,  is not the mainstream homosexual community. The movement to destroy family and marriage comes from those knowingly and unknowingly who are part of the world wide socialist scheme to bring all Nations under the control of the UN.  The Late L. Murphy began the serious attack on the Institution of Marriage under instruction from E.G. Whitlam (Whose gay name is Lilly) and today many people dont accept 'Marriage' as having any intrinsic value. The socialist education system has increased its attack on Marriage under Gillard's 'high participation' education programme. Any person who holds no value or esteem for marriage will not contest the changing of the law to accommodate same sex marriage.

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Honest Government, Fair Rights to property and compensation, Australia and our people strong and proud, reinstatement of values and respect



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