Recent events with the announcement and launch of MP Bob Katter's new political party has generated mixed views and feelings in the north.


Just recently an Indigenous senior community member living in Cairns asked my views and opinions on Mr Katter's new party, as he was not sure whether Mr Katter is or would be supportive of Indigenous issues. eg. hunting. In all honesty I was not too sure how Katter's party will go.


An example of new party's in QLD - the extreme changes we have witnessed with the creation of the Queensland Party who are yet to convince the North they are different from the LNP.


Issues raised by many Just Ground members from climate change to asset sales are real issues still awaiting a saviour. Is Mr Katter's new Australian Party the answer? - I don't know. Like anything new there will be a level of sceptism.  How pragmatic it will be - time will tell.


The one thing I do know is that real issues affecting our communities are still not being addressed appropriately by our current government both state and federally eg. social justice, law and order, violence against women, businesses struggling and closing down because they are unable to pay rent etc etc etc..... 

How will Katter's party address these issues and how pragmatic his policies will be is yet to be revealed

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What they got on Bob's mob?

Rules is rules. Ignorance of the Law is no excuse in Law.

Respect your views Ilana. But the lady only has herself to blame.

If she wants to be a voice for hire, then she cannot work for the National Broadcaster. Full stop.


Oh well then I am sure doors will open for her else where. The ABC is not the be all and end all of radio and Television. I think some things should be above price and one's integrity and honesty are not for sale.  Voices and talents however ...?? By the same token I would not write for a show that was put on by a holocaust denier or had views contrary to what I believe are right.

They have the right to choose their staff but not to control the personal views of their employees. Surely even you can see that and are not off half cocked like some people here. I always think it is interesting to work with people with different views. Life is never boring.

Ha ha.  I wonder if I am on sportsbet?  I could be a long shot.  I have good form, I am a proven stayer, and I am hands and heels, ears pinned back.

Well you should be, there is always an outside chance for a filly amongst geldings.


LOL.  I am the only filly.  There are two mares, and one gift horse. 

Says a lot about the opinions of those of us in the knitting circle and limp lettuce community.

Wonder what the answer will be?


Hi Bev,

I'm really surprised that we talk just about Katter. Shouldn't we have a closer look at all his "trabants", hastily collected and now promoted - most without a clue to what they would/should do, when elected?

(Except that they will have a cosy job with a starting salary of 137.000/year + about 39.000 expenses.
The Premier reaches 280.000 + expenses).
see: pages 76/77



Beverley Prescott said:

This is really amusing that Bob K was the Minister for Mines when legislation regarding mining was written into Queensland parliament back in 1989.

Now he professes to be the one who is going to save everyone?

Knit one, purl one.

I know. History tells me that the women of the French Revolution, sat and knitted as the heads fell into the basket from La Guillotine. My wife says I am too clumsy to even contemplate knitting. To the music of Fed Astaire, (cate or someone) "Can't dance, don't want to". Crochet maybe?


Denise Scanlan said:

Roger, Katters history is very important as he is not the white knight some people make out. I am told the latest edition of Qld Country Life has a good negative story on him too.


We in the knitting circle don't just 'knit' either.

In my misspent youth I bought a dinky little Metal Detector from Dick Smith and did the right thing and obtained a 'Miner's Right'. Even 20 years ago the relevant department sent out info that you can go prospecting on private land, also mentioned about mining on private property and compensation etc. For a long time it has been the law that anyone can mine on your property, subject to certain conditions.

So all this hoo haa about CSG mining on private farmland is just a beatup! ;-)

Photograph of Pam Ayres
Here's someone who knows all about knitting. Does anyone know the words to 'Thoughts of a Late Night Knitter'?

An dyslectic got.


alan mikkelsen said:

Whoops, hope you have that flack jacket handy Col :-)

That QCL story about The K in the H's earlier role in the mining ministry is amazing Jan. As you say, 'Knit one, slip one,  knit 2 tog.'

Cheers  bro' al

Errr .... What's a 2 tog?

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