Please turn up and support our cause , We need your help to support the homeless Their is going to be a rally in regards to the boat people that are being housed in the lap of luxary in the Viginia Palms Motel while we have 132,000 AUSTRALIANS living in poverty on the streets While we can get no money to help our mentaly ill While we have to wait up to five years to get dental treatments and while people with disabilities are treated as garbage , Suport us on the Corner of Zilmere and sandgate roads from 2PM on the 31 st of July at the Viginia Palms Motel , Bring your sleeping bag or swag and sleep out with us to show support for the homeless and to let the government know we are not happy with their imirgration policies
Peter Schuback
Please pass on to every one you know , For more info ph 07 41 24 8899

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Did you watch Four Corners last night?

Smugglers Paradise gave an insight into the corrupt underworld of people smuggling
in Indonesia.
I wonder why we are funding the Indonesian immigration centres?
Annette, I didn't watch Four Corners. I don't watch television at all but I have suspected that this is not a humanitarian issue but a criminal issue. My brother lives in Indonesia and gives the impression that their society operates on corruption at all levels. The only way we can disengage ourselves from this is to send illegal immigrants back until they get the message. The question is, as you said, why is our government continuing to contribute our money to the criminals?
Drowning boat people is not a recipe for making friends and influencing people- either abroad or at home.

Besides most immigrants come in legally at the airport - 300,000/year under ALP and 150,000/year under Howard. Then there are (I understand) 60,000/year coming in on Tourist visas and disappearing. Boat people are a suffering minority irrelevant in numbers but obscuring the entire immigration issue.

I think we should drop immigration to 100,000/ year, ensure all "tourists" do leave and then reduce legal immigration by 20 for each refugee we allow in. ie if we let in 5,000 refugees then legal immigration would be reduced to ZERO.
Colin- The Australian population was 4 million during WW1, 8 Million during WW2. Now there are 22 million with a proposed 50 million by 2050.

I am sure the Aboriginals would be for restricted immigration of Poms and others starting in 1788.

While infrastructure in the cities- roads, rail, water, sewage, accommodation, homelessness. medical facilities etc seems to be under stress it seems silly to increase population numbers.

Restrict immigration until we fix the existing problems.

Re the problem of fruit picker availability- been there, done that. While Woolies and Coles control prices at farm gate farmers will always pay people poorly- and they do.

When in season and prices are low for produce the farmers pay low hourly rates. When season ends they pay low bucket rates. If you can get paid under the table people will accept this. If unemployed you lose money as fast as you make it while being miserable in the sun or rain.

In a capitalist society of Supply and Demand there should should not be unemployed workers AND a shortage of workers- particularly in low skill areas.
Good point Peter. If every country looked after it's own people first then there would be no issues.
Bev said "What a good man that Mr. Hussein is."

Whats his first name? Saddam. Ha
I don't know if you can draw a parallel between the citizens of Australia today and the Aboriginal people over 200 years ago. Even though they probably had a legal system that operated amongst themselves, they probably had no provision for dealing with the arrival of foreigners. We do.
What about the genuine Australians that are freezing to death in Australia , DO you put the invaders in front of them , Let the refugees sort out their own problems in their countries and not bring their problems to Australia , We have enough of our own . How many real refugees do you know that can afford to pay up to $ 15.000 to smugglers to get them to AUstralia
Just shave the moe a bit ray and flick the hair around a bit and you might look a lot like your mate
Just out of interest could you identify who we are saving from death? Particularly in relation to the people who have already arrived in the safe haven of Indonesia, and have thousands of dollars (as Peter stated) to pay people smugglers. This whole argument is a bit vague. Are they fleeing for their lives or are they Centrelink Seekers?
You have done a good job of bringing this to the attention of some people by your action. Power to you Peter.
Yes John 55 Billion dollars US worth of our countries assets were brought up by China in five years , And what has it to do with our homeless , They are not being looked after at all , If you dont have a home or some where for them to send money you can NOT get benifits . And as far as people being bashed to death in other countries , Thats their problem I am sorry to say but we can not take in all of the worlds waste and land it in Australia while we have people that can not get the services thay have paid taxes all of their lves for , And John we have people dying in the streets here from the cold . John at the current level of inferstructure in Australia we can not afford to put any more strain on it , We need to rebuild and fix our own problems before we invite more people here , I. 6 million were brought here under the LNP and already an extra 800,000 under labor

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