I have only just cooled down enough to comment on Agforce President John Cotter's wimpish response to Senator Barnaby Joyce's call on today's Country Hour for the NFF and Agforce to stand up and be counted and come on board his campaign to reject the ETS Tax outright.
Courageous Barnaby was being interviewed on the tidal wave of support that his and S.A. Senator Bernadi's online petitions against the ETS have attracted.
John Cotter mumbled and stuttered through his pathetic attempt to defend Agforce's indefensible position with the following "fifth columnist" arguement.
Really Agforce opposes the ETS but it is coming whether we like it or not and so Agforce needs to to adopt an enlightened self interest approach and get Agriculture exempted.
AS Senator Barnaby pointed out this is short term delusional garbage ,as the other major sectors are going to argue one in all in over the long term.
In any case even if agriculture is exempted in the short term our terms of trade will still be significantly in the RED resulting from passed on costs from the taxed sectors.
If the NFF and Agforce had any political integrity and represented the majority view of farmers, they would be DEMANDING an election on the ETS. This way a full public debate could occur over a proposal which is rooted in voodoo science and flawed computer modelled economics. AT the last election the public certainly did not understand the costs involved and the ceding of national sovereignty to a UN body as detailed in the Copenhagen Treaty.
Further I believe that Agforce, the NFF and the MLA etc have sold out their members for "thirty pieces of silver" in the form of Government funding to promote the world's greatest scam viz the ETS Tax. They are behaving like political prostitutes of the worst kind.

I ask of Messers Cotter, Crombie and Palmer what about restoring democracy to this pivotal debate and challenging King Krudd and High Priestess Wong to an election at which they will be exposed and flogged. History is littered with those "appeasers" who would not stand their ground and fight for their beliefs. Remember the Gypsies thought they were safe when Hitler was persecuting the Jews but their turn was next. If you don't believe in the ETS , say NO and fight with all your might against it.
What say ye my friends? Lee Mc Nicholl

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I think the Agforce view is that you can do better iside the tent than outside, one I first heard expresed by the Hon Ian MacFarlane mp as a graigrowers pres.

He did learn though how to make such a hell of a noise on the outside that it was much quieter with him inside, he used all the media with great skill to achieve that outcome and one particular young lady media advisor could rightfully take lots of the credit for the resutant profile.

I am of the view that the reason we have given up most that we cherished was because it was coming anyway....just a small change in voting patern was used to confirm that we needed to deregulate grain domestcally..and subsequently through to exports, and the same was applied to the Dairy people...its coming anyway so take with compensation or without.

I'm with Barney, and Black Jack, it is a fight for our life and its time we stood and fought....in a political sense anyway.

I think the phrase re failure in computer models is digital astrology!!, the believers in Digital Astrology!
Ian Macfarlane showed what a Judas he is on the ABC 4 Corners programme. People like him and Turnbull are pathetic pests. The liberals have to get rid of all of those appeasers. What we need is an opposition.

The leaders so far are :

*Barnaby Joyce. A Queensland Senator

* Steve Fielding. A Family First Senator.

* Corey Bernardi. A South Australian Senator.

* Dr. Dennis Jensen. A WA MHR. (Whom the Liberals sought to get rid of).

* Masthias Gorman A WA Senator.

There are others but as yet I do not know who they are. But these are the people we have to back 100%.
I advise people who profess to be leaders to keep out of the tent of the Labor Party. Fancy making a deal with the likes of Penny Wong and her mate Peter Garrett.
G'day Greg, thanks for that rather poetic endorsement. Last year I did return to Ireland seeking the family history. I visited where the McNicholls are buried outside of Maghera in the Lavey Churchyard in Northern Ireland . They first sequestered their carbon there in 1760. Local history says the McNicholls were tall red headed men who lived in the Sperrin Mountains and were of a warlike disposition. They were better fighters than lovers which probably explains why we are a dying race!!
Anyway take heart old mate this red headed Codger still has a few rounds left in him. The Irish do hate tyranny, treachery and plain old lies. Regards to all and up the old Red Rooster- The Leethal Codger
up the old red rooster ,lethal codger.
Yay we say , Lord McNicholl you have spoken our minds thoughts! Further we say these culprits be taken to the tower and properly dealt with, in lewd of the tower which we nay have a coolibar or other solid leaning tree would suffice.
Agreed! John Cotter and others in similar positions and who represent primary industry producers' interests, should be standing hard against Kevin Dudd's ETS. As you say, Lee, it is the world's greatest scam - currently at least.
Conceding ground in the ETS is not an option.

Unfortunately most of the general public are not aware of the ramifications should we end up with an ETS. I wish they would wake up, - then speak up!!! Time is running out.
Arise Sir Christopher and join our merry band of Codgers. We will clear the land of these snivelling knaves { and anonymous Serfs} just as Toad rid Toad Hall of the dreaded Weasel gang!.
Arm thyself with poisoned pen, a sturdy walking stickand a shilalee under your arm and be prepared to run when the the Codger Master cries "Run Codgers Run" Regards to all from Sir Leethal Codger
Encouraging talk Lee & others.

As a regionally based Victorian long actively opposed to the Labor Governments plan to divert water from irrigation (food production) to Melbourne and the large regional centres - at the expense of many farming families livelihoods - I am never surprised at the complete betrayal of the country by Labor.
However, the Liberals in Victoria have shown they are little different in their attitude and worse still, they lack political nouse – at least the Nationals are starting to get some fire in their bellies and on this issue (water/irrigation) have shown real leadership.
Applying this to McFarlane, he has obviously deserted his country roots, indeed betrayed the average working family. Groom should be a winnable seat for a strong National to build on the momentum Senator Joyce is showing.
This action might be termed “disunity is death” but as others have alluded to here; not to try is to ensure defeat and whilst this election might not be won, it is an opportunity to put some strong leaders into Parliament and build for the future.
It is no surprise to me that Agforce is not realy doing anything on the ETS. They are nothing more than a bunch of fence sitters with a leg either side of the top wire. Membership money to Agforce is a waist of time to me. They do not stand up to be counted on anything. AS of people with the attitude of " ETS is coming wether you like it or not- just take it", That is the biggest load of bovine waste I have ever heard, We as a community do not have to "just take it". That pompus lump of horse manure down in Canberra and his stablemaid Wong thinks it is going to be a pushover to bring ETS in, It's up to those who do not want ETS to show him that it will certainly not be a pushover.
Agforce has always been about as effective as the UN....Fencesitters...Yep.
Lee, I believe you are correct and the only way to fight this nonsense is all out
rejection, with reasons, of the ETS. I dont believe 95% of people in the street
have any clues on what the Copenhagen Treaty entails and to me this is the biggest failure of democratic government since Federation. In fact it betrays federation.

I would say however that it seems impossible to get meaningful copy on the air or in the press on AGW
without being labelled a sceptic and that's part of the overall sellout of the Australian people by the
powers that govern and manipulate this country. In other words Cotter may be correct in diagnosing the
end result but it is no reason to sell your soul and the people down the drain without fighting for your
beliefs. This is Turnbull's and the liberal front bench's failure of principle - to not fight for the country's
wellbeing but for your own and limit your defeat in the event of an unfavourable electoral result. In this
case that isnt even in sight of the finishing line in terms of principle and duty.
What Cotter fails to grasp is the simple fact that being "outside the tent" is a legitimate form of negotiation. Indeed, if one never bothers to define the point beyond which one will not go then one is not negotiating at all. They are merely conceding. The average 7 year old Afgani understands this perfectly but the clowns at Agfarce regard anything outside a grovell to be bad form.

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