I gladly welcome the Rudd Government’s backflip on the importation of beef from countries with mad cow disease.

Agriculture Minister Tony Burke must be congratulated for listening to the people of Australia.

Only last Parliamentary sitting, I was thrown out of the Chamber for interjecting when the Minister for Trade defended the government’s decision to allow beef from countries with mad cow disease.
I wanted to know why the Trade Minister was defending a decision that was about protecting our health and environment, and job-creating industries.

Fortunately, the Agriculture Minister has now stepped in to defend public health and Australia’s million-dollar cattle industry.

However, we now tread with trepidation – once bitten twice shy.

Minister Burke has called for a ‘review’, leaving it up to Biosecurity Australia to undertake an import risk assessment.

This is the same mob that allowed beef in from Brazil (foot and mouth disease), grapes from California (Pearce disease), chicken meat from Asia (avian flu) – all countries have devastating infectious diseases not yet found in Australia. They have also raised the ‘acceptable’ levels of cadmium (a deadly poison) in potatoes so they ‘could come in from Texas and China'.

We don’t share a border with any other country; we have a thriving cattle industry that can supply Australia with prime quality beef. We don’t need to take these risks.

This backflip is the first step, however we need a total about-turn – ‘free trade’ should never come before the health of Australians and the protection of our industry and our environment.

This ban must be reinstated for the good of all Australians.

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Hi there Tony,

You have again made clear statements about what is happening on the beef import/export front. If this is what will inevitably happen of course we have no option but to hope it is done extremely well. I don't believe you could ever look like a goose going by your posts.

I look about the supermarkets and despair at the rubbish I see being imported. Quite honestly we don't know much about what we are getting from overseas. Goodness knows I won't buy the cheap fish and prawns from Vietnam and when I can I won't buy pork that comes from oversea, but I don't know what I am getting in many instances in sliced ham and the processed stuff. We are supposed to know by labelling but..

So, being from the old school I despair at the food supply for the coming degenerations. We already see fast food being the only thing some people eat, they will never really know what they are eating in the future and what's more they won't care.

I am not being pessimistic, just realistic.

You are absolutely right we have to trust......I am trying to work out who though.

Rob also puts forward comments, as a grower, that I respect as well. The more it's discussed the better it will be in the long run. We all have the right to our opinion.

Alan M, when I said 'cold and heartless', it was not aimed at any one person in particular just some statements made me feel people were looking at the dollar value above all else. That does not sit well with me I 'm afraid, it never will. It's just the way I am.

I also ate beef in England, they said it was South African beef! Yeh.... perhaps that what's happening now - Alzheimer's?

Something to look forward to in the future for the human race, a whole lot of overweight, sedentary lifestyle people, not able to remember who or where they are and nobody remembering what to do about anything at all apart, from watching mindless real life TV, soaps, sitcoms and adverts for the latest in sexual performance and body enhancement Dumbing down of the younger generation is alive and well American style.

Sorry, had to put a spin on it, you know I can't help myself. I just want the country to remain Australian, no matter what.



Or as we uncouth heretics used to say at my western suburbs high school, when given a problem by our science teachers.

Quite Easily Done! ;-)
Hi Bev,

Don't you just love frogs legs? I used to get them from a supplier when I lived in Sydney. I had a receipe and cooked them at home They were always on the restaurant menus too but gone now.

I have eaten lots of stuff overseas, I don't think what you have eaten and where, is really the issue as Alan says. We all travel well most do.

South American beef has problems. It's all risk when you leave the country. Boy you can get really sick from some stuff in Asian countries not to mention the Middle East. They eat anything in Japan.

Anyway I am more interested in this country.

The problem I had with beef being imported was why?

It seems it is more because the Americans want us to so we will. You know....what can you say. Politicians make the rules. It matters little what most of us want. We are only consumers.

Don't worry Bev Hope the tests are okay.

Bob Kater thank you for standing up for the rights of Australia's cattle producers you are a rare breed in the halls of Canberra.You warned us of this in 2004 at Roma. In 2010 we came very close.
Well balanced and considered opinion b******* Steve.
The MLA and AMLC that Tony gives glowing praise to,if he assumes that they can take the credit for our global positioning let them take the credit for Australian beef producers recieving some of the lowest prices for our cattle in the developed world and our consumers paying some of the highest prices for their beef at retail.Why do Australian producers only recieve 27% of the consumer dollar when the world average is 42%.
Why concentrate on the USA.Japan and the UK have already sent high level trade delegations to Australia to pursuade us to import beef from BSE affected countries.
If as Tony suggests the USA blocks our beef (and there is no suggestion that they would)I would presume that our government would imediately block all imports from the USA .Appart from Australia saving a 5 Billion Dollar trade deficiet it would send shock waves throughout the world at a time when the world could least afford it.
NLIS does not work Tony it is a half billion dollar white elephant hanging around the necks of producers.It does not trace beef from paddock to plate so is irrelevant to consumers.Of course the main game in importing beef to Australia from BSE affected countries is to open up more access to high value markets such as Korea,Taiwan and Japan for the multinationals.Of course the fools that signed off on the USA/Aus free trade agreement .Agreed to help USA access our markets through the BSE side letters.

Dairy Farmer busted 6! times in 10 years and still in business and still selling off drug contaminated cows..sure we trust that the BSE regs are also followed...do we?

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Honest Government, Fair Rights to property and compensation, Australia and our people strong and proud, reinstatement of values and respect



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