Rudd - Australian Foreign Minister, former Prime Minister is NOT United Nations Compliant.


Open letter To the United Nations the IPCC the UNFCCC and all the below Parties.

Below see copies of United Nations UNFCCC Kyoto Official Carbon Accounts Docs below (6 items) which explain in detail the actual proof of the “Takings” in terms required by the Kyoto Protocol to record and submit records to comply with amounts of carbon mitigation from Land Use Change - “Land Clearing” which was the single largest contributor to Australia achieving its 108% commitment.

The fact that these records now reflect an accurate and official record of the referred mitigation is not in question, other than they also reveal the perfidious actions of the Australian Government.

This communiqué is to ask for the records - regarding the advice given by the Commonwealth Australian Government claiming this tonnage of carbon was in fact the Australian Government’s property to consign to the Kyoto International Agreement.

Further, it is noted that on a continuing basis the Australian Government through the Office of Climate Change has made numerous representations regarding compliance and numerous submissions regarding their right to use this mitigated carbon for the purpose of balancing its accounts and have subsequently used it. If they had not the Australian accounts would be in excess of 130% - liable to severe penalties.

The question asked of your organisation is this? As the Australian Government owns no land on which it has the ability of conducting land clearing what so ever - just how was compliance to be achieved?

It is somewhat mystifying as to how this most questionable arrangement was negotiated and agreed to. Especially in that the undertakings given by the Australian Government made to assure the Kyoto Secretariat that they had met all the checks necessary and subsequently they could guarantee the title and accuracy of the existence of the tonnage referred to. Did the Secretariat exercise no due diligent?

Regretfully, is it not true that the Compliance Committee has made regulatory necessary visits to Australia to assure themselves that the landscape incorporated and methodology adopted where in fact as presented so as to be able to report back to the Kyoto Secretariat on the substantiated position of the Australian Government’s claim. This being so, it only leaves one pondering as to why these highly irregular “Takings” occurred. Is there a relationship to this action and the concerns about the UN’s Global assault on the traditional institution - the “private ownership” of land?

There has been significant public outrage in Australia at this now burgeoning “Takings.” It is apparent that the Kyoto Protocol directly and the United Nations generally are going to be very involved in the eventual outcome whether they like it or not, as the matter will not go away. Especially as the United Nations, prides itself in its staunch claim to the advancement of “Human Rights”.

During the Copenhagen Conference regarding the next stage of the Kyoto Commitment, the than Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd, was asked, was he going to advise the International Community that the entire mitigation used by Australia to meet its 108% commitment, was stolen from Australian Farmers – he inexplicably, ignored the submission.

In this developed Nation, thousands of farmers have lost the use and value of their land, resulting in broken families, and hundreds of suicides. When detailed, this will not present at all acceptable to the image that the United Nations is promoting globally. This, as you well know is directly in conflict with the most fundamental rights document the” Declaration of Human Rights in particular Art 17 - adopted and recognised as the most important contribution to global peace and the betterment of humanity .

The current foreign Minister of Australia the than Prime Minister flaunted his authority and totally disregarded all the precedents, showing no interest, compassion or appreciation for the rule of law, refusing to recognised the “Declaration of Human Rights” as being an acceptable code of conduct of which in its absence global atrocities were repulsed in outrage by all civilised peoples.

A suggestion, every effort should be made by your office to establish a method of resolving this matter prior to further unpleasant outcomes.

It is the writer’s intention to go international through the World Wide Web with these details

This is due to numerous approached to the Australian Government have had no success, other than denials and further attempts to bury the entire outrage and as the entire achievement of the 108% was due to this theft. I ask the following resolutions be discreetly – as far as the international community is concerned and urgently pursued.

It is anticipated there will be 3 developments;

  1. Acknowledgement of this claim.

  2. A statement as to any action you intend to take so as to assure the effected parties that the matter is being sincerely taken up for resolution with in a an acceptable time frame.

  3. A speedy and acceptable outcome so all involved can move on.

As this matter is substantial and if there is no imminent resolution and as it involves billions of dollars, it has been estimated as the single largest - in monetary terms, “takings” in the history of western governments. Finally, upon the matter fully exhausting all Australian Judicial avenues than it is my intention to continue and take the matter up in the appropriate International Court in which all involved will be made party in the proceedings.

In appreciation of the United Nations most serious consideration -



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This does not surprise me. The Greens/Labour coalition government is prepared to use any form of double dealing and deception to achieve their goals and this at the expense of its own citizens. It does not care that what it is doing is unlawful and the wider this information is circulated the more close scrutiny will be applied.
PS.  For anyone wondering what the heck this is all about, it relates closely to Peter Spencer's cause.  For a quick review, you could read this previous discussion:  Peter Spencer 101 for New Members.

I agree with you, and your intentions are admirable Rob, however, the " International court " , may be advising the Australian ( regressive ) Government to this current course ...... additional focus placed on this issue by the "UN", could make the situation worse, by making our Government even more determined in  " punishing " us further.


After all, I feel this action would be like trying to get b******* Bob Brown's mob of desparate power-mad, attention seekers to understand our plight !


It is clear that they dont want us on the land, so they can continue to sell it off to overseas interests....Its the same as if you finish paying your mortgage, and the Govt. then comes to you with a plan to resell your home to you, with eviction the penalty for refusal.

Hi I am more than happy to put this letter onto Facebook but can you let me know if it is ready to go as it is on here??


Many thanks



G'day Paul,

It sounds depressing when you put it like that.  However .... let's just say that this is only one step in a long step-wise process that began (in the public eye at least) with Peter Spencer sitting up on a platform and refusing to come down (at the end of 2009).  We are at the pointy end of the stick now, and there are more "steps" to come.


We don't give up hope - yet!

kind regards,

Julene Haack (management team)

Mark Steyn on Free Speech and the UN Human Rights Laws

The Gillard/Brown Carbon Price / ETS Legislation will make the Kyoto Protocol appear as a toy tonka truck compared to a Hancock iron ore train. I wonder how Gillard and Brown will put down the Revolt against this Labor/Greens Govt as the Revolt gathers strength.

Hi Melanie,

Not yet ....  but soon.

Melanie Dargie said:

Hi I am more than happy to put this letter onto Facebook but can you let me know if it is ready to go as it is on here??


Many thanks



Thanks Julene I wish I could do more to help.  Between myself and a few of my friends we can get the letter out to about 25000 people so that is a start. 


I think it is so important to fight this carbon tax.  If it was a genuine tax that would do some good I would be the first to back it but it is merely a means of the government earning an income.  With the global financial crisis this is a new means of trading and that is all it is.


Look forward to the final letter to post out.





As someone who is relatively ignorant of such things as Kyoto and its implications, I found the letter above a little difficult to understand.  From what I can make out the Government has agreed to reduce our carbon production by a certain percentage which can only be achieved by taking land from farmers. 


I am totally in favour of supporting farmers but don't want to write to any politicians unless I know what my point is.  Is the issue that the Government doesn't own land?  If so what is crown land?  Does the government have powers over privately owned land? 

Hi Tony,  I am new to Just Grounds, although not new to what has been going on in this country and the World, for decades now. Personally I think Australia as a people have been too patient and far too trusting with all Governments for far too long.

I came to Australia from England in 1964, I went back to England in 2004 for a visit and I was absolutely shocked at the desperate view of the English, they feel there is nothing that can be done, as they really are wedded to the European Union. I don't see the fight in the people, as I saw in my parents generation.

Here in Australia, ever since I have been here, I have only seen good times, Australia is indeed the lucky country. But, all that is about to end, and unfortunately for a huge majority of the people here, it is going to hit them like a tonne of bricks.

Since going on a few protests, and joining in on the Convoy of No Confidence, I am heartened to the extent that people are rising up. Extraordinarily impressed that all on the convoy know about the UN "Sustainable Development Agenda 21" and have known for years, I have only known about it for 12 months. But, very very few people at the other protests know about it. Those policies are the key to all the problems Australia and the rest of the World face. They are the policies of enslavement. Just how we tell the nation about those policies, is anyone's guess, but tell them we must.

I do tend to rave on, apologies. My point to all of this is that there a many many groups of the same mind, some with more knowledge of the complete story that is going on, for most it is just the carbon tax, but that is just the catalyst that has woken up a lot of people. Somehow all the groups must join forces; power in numbers. Maybe through the Galileo Group, just a suggestion, as their facebook page is gaining ground and there are many groups who are already attached to their page.

We are at a major crossroads now, I feel that you are absolutely right about a revolt, but it must be nation wide and massive.

All politicians from both sides must remove ALL the policies from the United Nations, that are in our legislation, policies that we were never told about, and never voted on. The thing that concerns me the most is that the Coalition were in Government for 10/12 years and they never had a referendum on, or removed the UN policies.

Hi Merrill,

Haven't seen you on Just Grounds much of late.  If I tell you that Peter Spencer wrote that letter, would that help?


If not, please go to this discussion, Peter Spencer 101 for New Members, which should answer your questions.  I have just now updated this discussionto include the significant events of the last 12 months.



Merrill Johnstone said:

As someone who is relatively ignorant of such things as Kyoto and its implications, I found the letter above a little difficult to understand.  From what I can make out the Government has agreed to reduce our carbon production by a certain percentage which can only be achieved by taking land from farmers. 


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Honest Government, Fair Rights to property and compensation, Australia and our people strong and proud, reinstatement of values and respect



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